Antarctic Shag.jpg

It's been over six weeks now since we disembarked the ship, and I still pinch myself that I was able to make this trip to Antarctica. We spent a year and a half researching and planning and it was all over in a couple of weeks, although the memories will last a lifetime. The trip was great on all sorts of levels. Spending time with my brothers, nephew, and father was precious. The photographic opportunities were breathtaking, and the chance to see an extraordinary continent and completely unique wildlife was unparalleled. The Antarctic Peninsula is experiencing rapid climate change, so I know it won't look the same next time I go- and I will someday, in spite of the Drake Passage. The ice is seductive and Antarctica displays many moods, some placid and some violent, but all beautiful in their own way. I close with a few more photos of those moments, and thank all of you for allowing me to share this extraordinary journey!

Learning to Swim.jpg
Learning to swim, Peterman Island
Neko Harbor.jpg
Late afternoon light, Neko Harbor
Paradise Bay.jpg
Sunlight brushes the peaks in Paradise Bay
Humpbacks Exhale.jpg
Humpbacks exhale
Reflected Glacier.jpg
Reflected Glacier
Argentine Islands.jpg
Hazy morning light, Argentine Islands
A Skua watches the tourists
Storm, Lemaire Channel.jpg
A storm blows into the Lemaire Channel
Morning Light.jpg
Early morning light
Morning, Paradise Bay1.jpg
Sunrise on Paradise Bay