Several graves were either unearthed, moved, or completely buried by the volcanic mudslides. A few of the original markers were found and reset, but about 45 souls rest here in anonymity


These tanks originally held whale oil, but were permanently disabled by the British Navy for fear that Germany would establish a naval fueling station during WWII. Idiots from around the world have since used them to document their visits.


Interestingly, lichens have begun to grow in areas where the mud and ash were deposited.

Old Boat.jpg

An old boat remains from the early whalers.

Snowcat Treads.jpg

Rusting snowcat treads lean against the side of an aircraft hangar built in 1961 and subsequently abandoned.

Neptune's Window.jpg

The view from Neptune's Window.

Dad & Alex.jpg

Dad and Alex enjoy the day.

Swimmin' Hole.jpg

A ritual on visits to Deception Island is the construction of a hot tub on the beach. Several of our guides worked hard digging out a hole and filling it with hot water from the bay. They actually had to get buckets of colder water to keep the temperature tolerable, and several passengers took advantage. Some even left the warmth for a quick swim in the icy bay, quickly returning.

Tom & Aaron.jpg

Aaron of course was a willing participant, and posed briefly (quite briefly) with his Dad before drying off and getting into warm clothing.